JCL Design & Development Process

Design & Development Process

All projects have three distinct phases:

  • Research: Your input, our market research and concept development;
  • Design: Initial rough drafts of design; flow and functionality development; and
  • Coding: Final design/website development & coding; polishing and fine-tuning; and online or physical delivery.

We’ll begin your project with a discussion of your needs and objectives from which I develop and submit an initial project estimate. Once that’s fine-tuned and approved, we complete a design questionnaire, by email or phone, that will cover every aspect of your desired website or design project (what you want it to contain, do, look like, etc.)

I review this information and everything else I can from your bio, products or services and any other related material that you provide or that I can ferret out on my own. I get still more material by researching your marketplace and reviewing your competitors’ websites. Once this research is completed, you review the design and layout ideas I develop. Then the full-fledged design and coding phases begin.

Everything I do is relayed to you for your approval or modifications

You can be as involved in this process as you like. Some clients  have very specific thoughts on the design and content of their projects. That’s fine, and translates to several phone calls, emails, texts and meeting. Others prefer to just so that during the entire process you’re doing what you love and are great at, not having to take time out to develop your website or marketing materials. That’s my job!

I begin each project with a 50% retainer of the initial estimate and send you regular progress reports so you know exactly where we are in terms of time and budget. Then, I send an invoice for the final payment only after the project is finished to your satisfaction.

Just the facts

This process has resulted in many of my clients reviewing the first design concept, making perhaps one or two small adjustments and then being completely thrilled with the results.