Who is JCL?

About JCL Design

I’m Justin Lamont, a website designer and marketing consultant from New York City who lives and works in Henrico’s West End with clients throughout the greater Richmond area and across the country.

Early Years

Begun by me in 2002, JCL Design is the latest chapter in a lifetime of artistic and creative expression. Art and design were clearly in my blood since earliest childhood: I was creating artwork in mixed media that was winning awards by kindergarten; and at 15, my “design expertise” was lauded in the dedication of “The Hat Book” by Annette Feldman.


After graduating from the Bronx High School of Science, I took a similarly creative path on my pursuit of higher education. I followed my creative spirit and spent eight years studying a wide variety of courses at the University of Pennsylvania, the School of Visual Arts, Hunter College and NYU’s Stern School of Business.

But my real education will continue for the rest of my life. While I have my BA in Economics and Communications and most of my MBA in Marketing, most of what I’ve learned has come from working with wonderful clients; taking on some routine, some exciting, and some all-nighter challenging projects; digging into new technologies; and my bull-headed stubbornness not to let go of an issue until I’ve figured out how to solve it and keep it from surfacing again.


I financed my “extended” education by consulting on etiquette and engraved stationery at Tiffany & Co., an experience that taught me many valuable lessons, primarily on craftsmanship, attention to detail and the very highest level of client service. (And on a personal note, the most valuable lesson I learned was that no matter how famous, rich or otherwise “privileged” someone may be, we’re all just people trying to make the most out of this life!)

Upon leaving Tiffany, I began my marketing communications career working in New York City’s financial services industry. During this period, I created logos, websites and video presentations; designed, wrote, and edited brochures, newsletters and press releases. I worked for a foreign bank, a brokerage firm, an alternative investment group and a multi-national public relations concern.

JCL Design, LLC

Now through JCL Design, I create and manage websites, newsletters and other marketing materials and campaigns that get noticed and build business for individuals and companies throughout the greater Richmond area and across the country. What I truly love most about my work is the opportunity I have to meet new people, really get to know them and their businesses, and the unbelievable blessing it is to use the talents I was given to make a real difference in their lives.