Healers’ Online Marketing Program

Let me work with you to recommit your practice to Spirit, to the calling Spirit sent you entailed in your becoming a healer in the first place, with my Healers’ Online Marketing Program. The voices of naysayers, of fear, insecurity, of scarcity often drown out the calling of Spirit we originally head that motivated us to develop more fully into who we are. Don’t stop just because who you are scared the neighbors. The world will be miserably incomplete without you being precisely and fully and exuberantly WHO YOU ARE, and sharing Spirit in only the way you are able to. I want to help you recommit to YOUR practice by creating a new website for you at a substantial discount.

During this special offer, get my complete Healers’ Online Marketing Program for just $999! Reserve your space on my schedule now for only a $499 retainer.

My goal is to support you in sharing your message as far as you can to effect as much healing as possible right now! Perhaps you have some questions.…


The first part is a professional, search engine optimized, website you can update yourself that tells potential clients who you are and how you can improve their lives, including:

  • A complete analysis of your competitive environment and your ideal search engine keywords to drive traffic to your site
  • A product and/or facility image gallery
  • A customized, integrated blog to regularly stay in touch with current and future clients so you stay top-of-mind with visitors AND search engines
  • An online appointment scheduling calendar
  • A secure online contact form sent directly to “you @ your business.com”
  • And domain registration and hosting for one year free
  • Most of the websites I design entail an investment of from $2000 to $4000

The second part is a thorough analysis of where you’re at right now, resulting in a detailed and actionable marketing plan to maximize every avenue you have to share your message and your healing. Marketing tactics to be considered include:

  • Blogging
  • Social media engagement
  • Email list building
  • Existence, appearance, clarity and focus of your marketing materials, including online and printed items
  • Typically this analysis and plan development runs $500

Lastly, or the third part, is a one-on-one follow-up coaching session:

  • To do all I can so you are fully supported in maximizing the potential of your new website and blog and implementing the marketing plan
  • To help keep you focused on what you can do, and moving in the right direction to reach your ultimate goals for your healing practice


If you have a website that is already doing everything you want it to for your business (bringing in a steady flow of interested visitors, generating sales/bookings the way you want), then you don’t need this! If your website is not attuned to your expectations, or you don’t have a website at all:

  • A well-planned, designed and executed website, designed to be updated easily and optimized for search engine results, will attract more potential clients;
  • A professionally designed website plus an email address of “you@yourbusiness.com” gives visitors the information and confidence they may need to decide to work with you;
  • People searching the internet for what you do in your area and finding a professional website with facility images, a scheduling calendar, client recommendations and other helpful information lets them know they’ve found someone who is professional and dedicated and that they can have confidence in the practitioner’s ability and experience. If you don’t have that website and other practitioners in your area do, who will your potential new clients contact?


  • You could pay upwards of $3K and have your project done by a web design firm that will shuttle your work down to a junior staff designer who earns a fraction of what you’re paying;
  • Or you can get top-notch results with personal and attentive client service by someone who has worked with holistic practitioners since 2007. All work is done personally by me, never subcontracted out or passed off to junior staff members (who, one of my cats??);
  • Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Specifically, if you’re not delighted with the value I provide, then I would not rightfully deserve the money energy you sent me. So I will gladly return it in full;
  • Here are some comments from my clients.


In three phases as follows:

  • Intake & Concept Development: Project scope intake, market research, concept development & presentation of website design mock-ups and structure flowcharts;
  • Design & Coding: Refinement of selected design concept, development of all design elements, coding of website design and structure;
  • Completion & Launch: Final design & coding, testing, all adjustments and website launch.

In other words, once you’ve signed up for the offer, I send you to a questionnaire for as much info as I need to put together my best ideas for you. Soon after, you’ll receive two to three different mock-up versions of your new website. You approve one version or modify it as desired, and I complete the project. All along I send you updates on progress so you can redirect my efforts or modify your ideas along the way. When the project is complete to your satisfaction, final payment is made.


Your complete Healers’ Online Marketing Program is only $999 during this promotion.

  • $499 retainer to begin intake & concept development;
  • $500 on completion & launch;

For a simpler or more complex website than as listed in section one above, a total cost estimate will be provided prior to actual design and coding.


On my Portfolio page.


Send the retainer of $499 now to reserve your project. I’ll send you my Design Questionnaire and the Intake & Concept Development phase begins.


Easy! Drop me a line!