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Proactive Online Marketing Plans

A Proactive Online Marketing Plan will enable you to increase your prospects, clients and revenue. P.O.M Plans give you the tools and structure you need to proactively reach out to your past, current and potential new customers, keep your business top-of-mind, and establish you as the authority on what you do that they’ll turn to when they have a need. Here’s the process:

We’ll start your plan by:

  • developing and improving your websites, social media and online directory pages (so the info is accurate and complete, puts your best foot forward, and looks great on the smallest phone and biggest flat screen);
  • setting up your blog and email newsletter templates (to proactively bring attention to the benefits of your work and other useful information);
  • auditing and correcting/optimizing your current online footprint (every website where you can be found); and
  • setting up guidelines, topics and schedules for proactively communicating with your audience (“if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”).

Once set up, your ongoing plan includes:

  • SEO tasks to get and keep your website well-ranked in search results;
  • writing articles to be used on your blog and email newsletter, and
  • sharing updates with and attracting visitors to your website from your social media followers.

The more time we have per month, the sooner everything is set up. The more I can manage these tasks for you, the sooner your Proactive Online Marketing Plan starts showing results!

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