12 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works


Do you have an email marketing strategy for keeping in touch with your customers? To stay top-of-mind and nurture those relationships you worked so hard to get in the first place? If your answer isn’t “Yes, at least once a month I…” you’re ignoring your most valuable asset, your customers. You can send out mailings or call each one individually. But you should also consider using the method that consistently outperforms other marketing channels: email marketing. That’s right, it’s as simple as shooting a well-timed email newsletter or announcement every couple of weeks to keep the orders flowing and your customers happy, making email marketing one of the smartest investments you can make in your business.

Here are 12 reasons why email marketing works:

  1. It’s easy and inexpensive to start and manage an ongoing campaign
  2. It helps you stay top-of-mind all year
  3. It brings you more repeat business
  4. Campaigns are very scalable (reach all or just some of your contacts at once)
  5. 83% more revenue from buyers who receive email marketing [1]
  6. 44% higher average order size [1]
  7. 28% more frequent orders [1]
  8. 22% of consumers who receive email marketing visit a sender’s website without
  9. licking on an email link [2]
  10. 20 times more cost effective than traditional media [3]
  11. Email is preferred by 74% of online adults [4]
  12. 83% say they check email first [5]
  13. 72% check email more than 6 times per day [5]

Sold? If so, make a marketing calendar for the next three months and stick to it. Measure the impact after each email and make adjustments as needed.

Contact us if you’d like help choosing the right email marketing service, designing a custom template, or managing your email marketing strategy.

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Justin Lamont

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