Your Digital Footprint & Your Revenue

It’s 2:00 in the morning and someone just had the realization that they absolutely need the precise services you offer right away. But they don’t know who to call. What do they do? They Google it! The existence, quality and quantity of your online presence will determine whether they contact you or not.… Read this post

12 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works


Do you have an email marketing strategy for keeping in touch with your customers? To stay top-of-mind and nurture those relationships you worked so hard to get in the first place? If your answer isn’t “Yes, at least once a month I…” you’re ignoring your most valuable asset, your customers.… Read this post

JCL Design’s Concierge Service

conciergeThe way I do business can be summed up in one simple phrase: You’re the boss!

Just like a Concierge in any other line of work, my goal is to satisfy your every request. That can include:

  • communicating with you promptly, clearly and in whatever way you prefer – in-person, phone, text, FB/LinkedIn messages or email
  • doing whatever it takes and however long it takes to clearly understand what your objectives and desired results are
  • working around your schedule, whether it starts at 7am or ends at midnight

I know how frustrating it can be to work with “techie-types” like me.… Read this post

Self-Managed Websites

diyYou may be happy with the design of your website, or have no website at all, but would like the ability to change and add content on your own. Rather than have your entire website redesigned,  convert it to a content management system (CMS).… Read this post

Why Blogging & Social Media Are Essential to Growing Your Business


Blogging and an active social media outreach activities can influence word-of-mouth marketing, lead generation & buying decisions; critical elements of any marketing effort.

Sharing your wisdom and being more digitally social are ideal ways to provide current and potential clients with helpful information, news, and information on your latest promotions and events.… Read this post