4 Tips to Improve Your Website & Online Marketing

oops#1: Is your website easy to read on phones and other small devices?

If your website isn’t easily viewed on smaller devices, you’re missing a huge source of new business. In fact, you’re growing more and more invisible as these devices surpass desktop usage. The percentage of people looking for your services on their phones is expanding rapidly, you need to stay visible and be found by potential new customers during this technological and behavioral transition.

#2: Do you want to be able to easily update your website yourself?

With existing content management systems like WordPress, there’s no reason to have to go to your web designer every time you want to add or change something on your website. With a fairly simple conversion into a WordPress site you can quickly and easily update your website on your own, or have someone manage it for you quickly, expertly and at a reasonable rate.

#3: Does your website give visitors a good sense of what working with you is like?

You need a website that doesn’t just sit there & look any old way but that fully describes/portrays your business, your background and your passion through text and graphics in a way that tells potential clients exactly what you have to offer & how you differ from others they may be considering.

#4: Are you blogging, posting to social media and sending email newsletters regularly to stay top-of-mind with people who want to hear and learn from you?

The benefit is the ability to get found by potential new clients regardless of how and on what they’re searching, with a website that reflects you, your style & service so that people who will want to work with you will KNOW it just from browsing your website, and in a structure over which you have total control to update on your own or have done for you at very reasonable cost. Once set up, an office assistant or intern can easily add blog posts, modify event calendars, add or update pages, any sorts of changes.

Big picture, you need to use the web, blogging and social media to bring in new business in a way that eliminates the need to get a degree in technologies that you should not have to worry about. I can do that for you, whether you’re already online or just getting started.

The Solution

A new website or a conversion of your existing website built with a structure that provides ease of use on any size device, that simplifies updating and growing the site and that is created in the most optimal way for search engines to find.

Justin Lamont

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