JCL Design’s Concierge Service

conciergeThe way I do business can be summed up in one simple phrase: You’re the boss!

Just like a Concierge in any other line of work, my goal is to satisfy your every request. That can include:

  • communicating with you promptly, clearly and in whatever way you prefer – in-person, phone, text, FB/LinkedIn messages or email
  • doing whatever it takes and however long it takes to clearly understand what your objectives and desired results are
  • working around your schedule, whether it starts at 7am or ends at midnight

I know how frustrating it can be to work with “techie-types” like me. But the good news is that I’m far more well-rounded and people-oriented than that label implies: My background covers not only the technical side of building websites and the creative side of producing artwork and design. It also includes the best education in communicating with people and serving clients. I’ve been working with the public in New York City (a challenging public to say the least) since my first summer job at age 12, and learned how to create wonderful client experiences with some of the most demanding people on earth – Tiffany & Co engraved stationery customers!

I’m able to provide this level of service because

  • I work on my own, only bringing in outside experts when absolutely necessary, so no one is ever accountable but me
  • I work with fewer clients than most larger web design and branding firms, enabling me to devote more personal attention to each
  • I was raised in a family consisting of generations of self-employed people, so doing whatever it takes, however is required and at whatever hour is desired, is just how business is done, right?

Contact me today to discuss any project you may be considering and find out for yourself.


Justin Lamont

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